About Herbal Medicines

Herbal Therapy includes the prescription of safe and established herbal medicines that are tailored specifically for the patient’s complaints, symptoms, and overall condition. There are a variety of different forms of herbal medicines used in Traditional Chinese Medicine, each of which has specific uses, benefits, and qualities that are chosen based on the condition of the individual patient.

Raw Herbs

Raw Herbs are dried parts of plant and minerals that have a long established usage and history of safety, the herbs are often boiled to make a tea that is taken warm several times a day.

The types and amounts of herbs are based on time honored and long used formulas consisting of two or more herbs that are used for specific problems and complaints. Raw herbs are able to be customized for a patients specific needs, making them very powerful and effective compared to some other forms of herbal medicine. Raw herbal medicines are often the most fast acting and effective form of the medication, however they require a large amount of work of the part to the patient to diligently cook their medicine daily. Raw herbal formula teas are used as the basis for most other forms of Chinese Herbal Medicines.

Powdered Herbs

Powdered Herbs are the result of a raw herbal tea as mentioned above that has had all of the water evaporated, leaving behind just the medicinal substances, which are ground into a powder and then bottled. Powdered herbs can be found in either single herb forms or as whole formulas that have been cooked and dried. Powdered herbs are not as fast acting or as effective as raw herbs, but are very convenient and easy to take, making them a very popular form of Chinese Herbal Medicine. They are also able to be customized for the individual patient which makes them an extremely powerful form of Chinese Herbal Medicine.

Topical Herbal Medicines are found in a variety of forms such as washes, oils, liaments, pastes, plasters and others. They are prepared in much the same way as a raw herbal formula but they will often use a different substance to allow them to be applied directly to the skin of the patient.

Topical Herbal Medicines

Topical herbal medicines can be very effective for a variety of skin disorders, burns, muscle aches and pains and much more.

Whatever the form of the herbal medicine takes, these products are used to give a person continual treatment. An acupuncture treatment will often produce fast results, but they often will last a relatively short time, and will need to be repeated. The addition of herbal medicines means that every time the person takes their dose of herbs, they are in effect receiving a treatment. Often lasting results are obtained quicker and conditions are resolved longer or eliminated when acupuncture and herbal medicines are combined rather than being utilized alone. Safety is always of the utmost concern at South Denver Acupuncture and Herbal Medicine Clinic, and as such, we only use products that are Good Manufacturing Practice Certified, meaning that they are free of any pesticides, contaminants, harmful chemicals or substances, produced in clean facilities, and are accurately labeled with the correct information and contain only the correct herbal medicines.

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