Pricing of Services and Payment Terms

Initial Patient Visit:

$ 80 + Cost of Herbs if desired

Follow Up Treatment:

$ 60 + Cost of Herbs if desired

Herbal Consultations:

$ 40 + Cost of Herbs if desired

Cupping Treatment:

$ 40

Herbal Medicines will vary in cost depending on the specific medicine as well as the form prescribed. Generally speaking pricing ranges from $10-30 for about 2 weeks worth of herbs depending on the formula and form of medicine.

Payment will be due at the time of service. No treatments or herbal medicines will be given on credit. After the first missed appointment without 24hr notification a $30 fee will be assessed. After the second missed appointment without 24hr prior notification a $60 fee will be assessed for this and all future missed or late cancelled appointments.


Please call us at 720-260-1892 if you have any questions!

We are currently an in-network provider National Blue Cross Blue Shield Plans that do not contract with American Specialty Health. We are working hard to get in-network with more providers. We are happy to take your information to verify if you have acupuncture coverage, how much, and what specific limitations there may be.

We are also happy to provide you with a superbill for submission to your insurance carrier if it is not someone we are in-network with for your reimbursement.

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