Acupuncture and Dizziness

DizDizziness and vertigo have been successfully treated for thousands of years using acupuncture and herbal medicine. This common complaint can be caused by a variety of issues. In the terms of Chinese medicine, dizziness can be caused for several root reasons, but most often the cause is an incorrect flow of qi and blood through the body, often an excessive amount rises to the head or there is a lack of flow of qi and blood to the head. Each of these situations can cause dizziness, vertigo and light headedness. Other issues like headaches that are caused by a stasis of qi and blood can also cause dizziness and vertigo in some cases.

A recent study of the effects of acupuncture for the treatment of dizziness and vertigo in emergency room patients was published citing acupunctures effectiveness in this regard. The study utilized both an experimental and control group of individuals suffering from dizziness coming for a variety of reasons. The patients in the acupuncture group received acupuncture on two acupuncture points, PC6 and ST36. These points have long been used for the regulation of qi and both have the effect of helping so called “rebellious rising qi” to descend. Those in the control group received sham acupuncture where the points selected did not correspond to known acupuncture points. The study found that acupuncture at the true acupuncture points resulted in immediate reduction of symptoms. The study also found that acupuncture at these points was able to affect Heart Rate Variability which is something that can occur after heart attacks, strokes and in people with Meniere’s Disease.

In addition to the points used in the study, there are several other points commonly used in Chinese medicine that are able to quickly treat dizziness. The selection of the appropriate acupuncture points is usually determined based on a differential diagnosis. This is necessary as each person is different and the reason for their dizziness or vertigo may be different from the next persons and as such would require a different set of points to be used. Most commonly dizziness can be caused by either an excessive situation or a deficiency situation. On the excessive side, people with high stress lifestyles and high blood pressure type bodies and constitutions will have an excessive amount of liver energy, which can rise to the head and cause dizziness. On the deficient side, people can suffer from a deficiency of qi and blood, caused by a variety of reasons, which can lead to a lack of circulation to the brain which can also cause dizziness. Often the Liver and Kidneys are implicated in these deficiency cases as well. Acupuncture, Herbal Medicines, and Dietary and lifestyle advice can do wonders to effectively treat dizziness, vertigo, lightheadedness and the reasons for those symptoms.

Dizziness and vertigo are common complaints that can be caused from a variety of things. Easily remedied causes such as low blood sugar or dehydration can be contrasted with serious causes such as concussions, brain tumors or other neurological disorders. Sometimes dietary and digestive disorders can be the cause such as in the case of gluten intolerance and Celiac disease. Dizziness and vertigo can be minor issues or they can be the first signs of a serious health problems. Due to the wide variety of causes that can lead to dizziness or vertigo, any severe, prolonged or protracted cases should be investigated by a qualified health care professional as soon as possible.

If you live in Aurora CO, Denver CO, or any of the surrounding cities and are suffering from dizziness or vertigo and are interested in treatment using acupuncture and herbal medicine or just have questions about this or any other healthcare issue, please do not hesitate to call or email me, I would love to speak with you!


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